Saturday, May 16, 2015

"What's that, there in the middle?"
"Well, that's the shadow of your heart."

What a saddening thought, to imagine the shadow of your heart. How do I explain it to you? It's the dull, lingering ache that your heart puts up with, no matter what it does. The inevitability of it, the absoluteness. Wherever your heart goes, along comes the shadow, with its baggage.

The heart is pretty strong though. No matter how bruised and broken it gets, it tapes itself back together. The goddamn shadow just gets a little longer.

It tries to talk sometimes. The shadow I mean. Reminding me of its presence, making it hard to breathe. But that's when you have to squeeze your eyes shut as tight as you can, hum so the vibrations in your body shake things up and it shuts the fuck up. Because you've listened enough, too much. No more now. No more.