Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is intimacy?
To me, it's
Haha no, not really.
Well maybe, a bit.

It is telling him
About the dream you had last night;
About your fear
Drowning under colossal waves;
About shopping for groceries
And arguing over gherkins.
It is about reminding
Him that he's capable and smart;
That he can get there if he wants;
That his friends are there
For him, and his dad
Really does love him.

It is cleaning the kitchen
Together, or rolling a joint while
He cooks Christmas dinner.
It is watching the sky turn
It is seeing him laugh across the room
With strangers and
Rescuing him because you can tell he's faking.

It is sharing what you write,
Or telling him how you'll
Raise your kids.
It is sharing a
Secret that you both protect
From everyone else.

It makes the whole greater than its parts.

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