Tuesday, June 11, 2013

things that people say/do that make me want to slap them

1. when people ask "do you speak english?"
2. when people say, "oh you're from India? But your english is so good"
3. when people say, "oh you're from India? such a beautiful country/i love indian food/i've always wanted to travel there/are there really cows on the street/my great aunt's cousin's wife's neighbor's daughter was there five years ago"
4. when for the millionth time, the cashier at Tesco asks, "can i see some ID?"
5. when people say, "how can you not like/have heard of *insert vague musician here*?"
6. when people say, "how have you not seen *insert vague movie title here*?!"
7. when people say, "how do you not know who *insert random sportsperson's name here* is?"
8. when people say, "but you're not really asian asian"
9. when people complain and bitch and whine and moan incessantly about the same thing over and over and over and over again.
10. when people take pictures of every meal and instagram that shit. no one cares!
11. when people tag themselves in different places on facebook every fucking time they go out. NO ONE CARES.
12. when people say, "you lost your wallet? how could you let that happen!"
13. when people say, "omg you lost it!? thats TERRIBLE now your life will be miserable!"
14. when people say, "oh you're listening to it now? i was over it ages ago!"
15. "wow you're eating rice? thats really fattening you know. i only eat salads."
16. "those shorts? really?"
17. when not wearing makeup, and people say "why do you look so tired?"
18. "you left at two? i stayed all night in the library working on coursework"
19. "you have uni problems? they're obviously irrelevant as life is much harder out here in the real world"
20. "oh your accent is so american, you're obviously an ignorant and spoilt NRI."
21. "oh your accent is so indian, you must obviously ride elephants back home in your village."
22. "you're from a foreign country, obviously we will give you no chance to finish a sentence without first mocking your accent"
23. "you're not really Indian, as you haven't lived here all your life"
24. when people travel just to say, "look world, i'm in europe and i'm cool!"

long needed rant.

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