Friday, May 3, 2013

this morning, i was supposed to wake up early and go to the gym, but obviously, my sub-conscience was vehemently against this idea of physical pain.

instead, i had really strange dreams to keep me occupied and in bed. even as i type this, the dream is becoming more and more faint. but i do remember, two of my friends and i happened to be in switzerland, on a beautiful and blue but cold, white, lonely and isolated mountain where a woman lived. and we stayed at her house, and there she revealed her ability to turn people into puppets. not metaphorical puppets, but actual ones made out of yarn. somehow being a puppet was easier. and from there commenced a puppet battle for our lives, with yarn flying all over the place.

we survived. and the woman realized that life was much better as a real person. and then to celebrate that momentous occasion of victory, we got some passerby to take a picture. it really was beautiful there. and i remember missing home so much. and how much my parents might be worried that i'd been stuck here for days and weeks. and i thought to myself (in my dream) that even if it were 3000 miles, i'd start walking now till i got back home.

luckily there was an airport nearby, and we flew to prague, and from there we were meant to go home, but i woke up.

it was such a lonely dream that i woke up feeling disoriented and depressed, missing home, and a bit scared of puppets (or turning into one). but its a nice spring day outside so those feelings are fading away.

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