Sunday, April 21, 2013


some stormy weather

and some happy people

Saturday, April 20, 2013

once upon a time, there was this young swordsman, who would spend hours underneath a tree, practicing his art.

night and day, his sword would swish through the air, as the tree protected him from rain and gave him apples when he grew tired and hungry.

sometimes, the swordsman's sword would cut across the tree, creating a gash. at this point, the swordsman would stop and repent. "dear tree", he would say, "forgive my actions, for they were caused in foolishness."

and the tree would wave its branches in the air, and shower the swordsman in leaves, and stand tall still.

for many months, the swordsman practiced underneath the tree. as he grew stronger, so his power with the sword grew too. consequently, the cuts he drew on the tree grew deeper and deeper, slicing the tree more and more.

one day, the swordsman finished his training. he was now strong and ready to step out into the world. he bid the tree farewell. "goodbye, dear friend" he said, "and thank you for standing by me these many months."

he left.

that night, there was a terrible thunderstorm. the wind howled and screeched, and the tree, unable to withstand any longer, snapped and fell to the ground.