Saturday, March 23, 2013

never tried blogging whilst drunk. not that im drunk now.

what's funny is that while typing here im eating a muffin. its a little bit ironic.

so i had a horrible and wonderful night. so many emotions swirling everywhere. and why is this city filled with drunk disgusting men! must move to a kingdom far far away. with princes and shit.

so many secrets and lies and betrayals and desires i feel like im living in a good indian soap opera. which of course doesn't exist. so i must become asexual and live in domesticated isolation so that my life remains simple and happy. but that's the problem, that i don't want to be alone.

but i don't want to be with anyone who wants to be with me, and i don't even want to be with the person i want to be with. because fuck that shit. past shit is done shit and no one needs that shit anymore.

time to become a monk and look forward to some inner fucking peace. right now the accent in my head is very strongly scottish man because of the company i was in "mahn" haha.

i really hope things work out. and that everything is okay. so much STRESS! aaaaaaaaa.

time to breathe. peace out man. peace out.