Friday, October 26, 2012

soul call

believe, just for a second, in the possibility of a miracle. suspend all your thoughts and pragmatic assumptions, and believe that sometimes dreams come true.

the day hadn't yet begun but i was suddenly jolted awake by an empty void. by habit i checked my phone again for some sort of respite from the distance, but sadly, there was none. laying awake staring at the ceiling turning slowing slowly lighter as the sun began to rise, i started to drift off, curling up tighter into my comforter, wishing and wishing that he was back beside me.

they say when you truly wish for something, from the bottom of your heart, it comes true.

as i drifted off, i suddenly felt his lips press against mine! this must be a dream, i thought. but it's so perfect i dare not open my eyes. i could feel his warmth and as he kissed me i lifted up and into his arms.

with resolve i opened my eyes to confirm that i was dreaming. but, no, there he was! sitting on my bed ten thousand miles away from home. looking back into my eyes and smiling and his smile was so familiar, and i could touch him again and his arms were back around me and everything was right again and the moment was perfect. did we talk? can't remember. probably nothing of consequence. but then he lay me down to sleep again and vanished like a dream.

and i refuse to believe that it was. it wasn't him, yes, but it was a part of him that was there, and it wasn't me that met him but a part of me.

it's just something else, i think, if you imagine that a soul can call out to another soul, and they respond, and for a brief moment of unconsciousness, you have the gift of meeting someone you sorely miss. and i refuse to think it was just a dream because it felt too real. too much of a memory for me to let it go. it's like a balm, to believe.

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