Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caution: lots of nonsense shit ahead.

How stupid it is to miss someone. To pine after them when they're gone, when in the grand scheme of things, we're but a flicker of light before it's gone like a candle on a raft on an endless, angry ocean. That's what we are though. Feeble and lost, floating to a destination that actually isn't there, just hoping that there is no wave yet with the name of our candle on it.

And isn't it romantic to imagine that there are other candles floating alongside us in in this ocean, but we are blind to them but for a millisecond, when somehow the light meets the other light, and there is a circle, an aura of contentedness and somehow we block out the vast tumultuous ocean and look within, on the rafts. And the ocean gets jealous and makes us rise and fall together, heaving and tossing until one wave gone astray separates the rafts forever and the circle is broke and the candles are solitary again.

And somehow, we'd forgotten the grayness of the ocean and the endlessness seems bleaker still. 

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