Friday, August 17, 2012

three years ago. somewhere i don't remember

my friend was sitting on my bed, in the hostel late one  night, going through the pictures on my camera. six months had gone by now in this new family and new environment. most of the pictures were of the recent trip to bombay that we'd gone on. it was the usual night at the hostel. full of nonsense.

"hey, why do you still have this picture on your camera? it was from ages ago!"

i didn't know what she meant. i looked at the picture she was talking about. oh yeah. this stupid picture of him looking happy, jumping in the air.

"oh that's still on there? must have forgotten to delete it." she gave me a look. uff, why does she read into things so much?

"none of the other pictures from that day are there." she smirked and wiggled her eyebrows. i swear, she wiggled them! i don't know how she does it.

i ignored her. i looked at the picture again. at this almost stranger who made me smile for no reason.

happy birthday, stranger

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