Wednesday, August 15, 2012

blinking lights. thudding music. faces flash for a second, eyes shut, faces in concentration. everyone is moving to a single beat. hot, perspiring shoulders. she's leaning against the bar, already unsteady on her feet. so many people. so lonely still. what was wrong with her? time for another shot.

the whiskey burns down her throat. slowly the smile comes back. she goes up to a guy.

"so why aren't you dancing?" she asks him.

"i'll dance if you come with me" he smiles. she laughs, takes the stranger's hands, and guides him to the dance floor. she moves, forgetting that these are people she will see tomorrow. she closes her eyes, forgetting that this is not him.

when she opens her eyes again, the man's shirt is covered in sweat. and she sees him. the one she is supposed to be with. she sees him swinging another woman in his arms, and she's laughing. she doesn't need to close her eyes.

why is it that she feels scared to ask him for a dance?

damn. still not drunk enough. she leaves the stranger there, not sure if he notices. and heads back to the bar for another whiskey shot.

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