Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 2

6th July, 2012

Okay, so the writing every day thing didn't happen as planned. Missed a day. Blame the jetlag?

So last night, we had The Talk, Him and I. And last night was the last conversation we had while still together. And we also managed to sort out the mess from the night I left. Which he didn't realize was a mess apparently. This whole decision was very strange. Inspired by a friend of his? Maybe. Hm, anger is rising again. I can't let jealousy consume me again. This is why the break up is supposed to be a good thing, and I'm supposed to be happy about whoever he meets again.

What a task. Anyway, I look forward to when I will see him again. It seems like an impossibly long time away, but it will happen. I don't know where we will be in our lives.

Home, man. Home is awesome. It's just the people outside that are frustrating. If only the people I loved from college and everything were here, where it's beautiful and I have my parents with me. And where people are not so fucking racist. Honestly, can the world not fucking grow up? How can you possibly be racist in the 21st century! Next time, I swear I'm gonna punch that guy in the face.

At least the internet speed is awesome. Also looking forward to meeting the Embassy people here. Haven't interacted with uncles and aunties and little annoying kids in so long! I know I'll regret saying that later, but for now I'm a little nostalgic.

I don't know why anybody would be interesting in reading this.

Anywayyy off to my new chick flick of the day: What's Your Number?


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