Saturday, June 30, 2012


sadness is overwhelming. i really hope that's the PMS finally kicking in. and I hate this city, filled with self righteous, overly dressed women who stare you down as you walk down the ladies compartment of the metro, as if mentally slitting your neck for wearing those shoes with those pants.

You know what I realized. This city has never been good for me. Never. Not with my family, not in school, not the people. Nothing ever seems to make it work. Can immorality really be a city wide endemic? Are they really all out to get me?

Down, Stalin-esque paranoia, down!

There should be a time limit for the amount of time I spend here. Three weeks till insanity wears me down.

You know what I like about blogs? You can be self obsessed and not talk about anything else but yourself, and no one is allowed to have a problem with it.

And right now a little jealousy is getting the best of me.

Down, Snow White's mother, down!

Gasp, I just compared myself to an evil stepmother. Overthinking, brain going into overdrive.

Must get away. To a New Castle.

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