Thursday, November 17, 2011


a lot of things on my mind, a lot of random thoughts. i wish someone hadn't closed the word document where i was working on my amazingly fantastic short story, which i will now never continue because it was a one off thing that i unfortunately never saved. it was awesome though, about this whore and well maybe one day it'll come back.

time is running out. in life. in college. on my laptop battery. things will rush past really fast in the next few months, and it's hard to know you're going to be saying goodbye to some people, possibly not hearing their wiseass remarks for a long time. never cribbing about how broke we are as a communal of sorts ever again. never letting time pass us by slowly, watching the sun smolder, turning into the orange moon. sure, we'll get over it eventually. but there's just never enough time.

really really never enough time. this isn't the time to be profound and deep and meaningful. it's about appreciating what we have before it's gone. the hourglass is nearly empty. and just yesterday (was it really almost three years ago?) it seemed limitless.

leaving bites.

but the thought of you makes me really happy, for some odd reason