Monday, August 1, 2011

wake me up before you go go

There's a new craving. (And craving is said in that weird caveman way) There's many things to say, and a weird emptiness where the words are supposed to be. You know how, when you have to say anything, you can say it better with your eyes closed? It works on blogs too. So, out of the blue this evening, I got this sudden urge to be in a chick flick. Like a proper romantic comedy, with the humouristic drama, puppy dog cute male lead, and sickeningly cheesy yet cute moments. Too much to ask? Is it? IS IT? *glares*

A pit of lethargy is what I have been slumped in. Life was about focusing on peeling the oranges, or cracking nuts one at a time, but now it's like I'm being bombarded in the head with a whole bushel of oranges or crate loads of nuts. Actually it's not that bad. I just realized I was over due for a whine session.

Good day, good sir.

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