Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alright, it's not that some things are gone, it's not like they won't come back. But they're gone for the time being, and I wish they were back. In the meantime, though, I remember.

I remember the time you failingly tried to pick me up, so then I decided I could carry you piggy back style. I took two steps and ended up dumping you on my bed.

I remember the awesome blue cave we made out of my blanket.

I remember flying kisses from the elevator.

I remember awesome coffee and pretty decent french toast and Tangled and you and me.

I remember trying to trip you up, and way too many "oh look what's that? *whack!*" moments.

I remember Bob and Jack and Mugsy and Moot and Sam. I swear, I remember them all.

I remember all the chocolates, and I still have one last sea shell. And the bamboo flower. And that first wine bottle.

I remember how it feels when you come and hug me from behind, and then when we end up doing the funny penguin walk.

I remember Kamal Momos and Sams Cafe and crazy eyes and peacocks at Hauz Khas.

I remember escaping my maid.

I remember when you had to walk around with a pink clip in your hair. Yeah, I know I still owe you for that.

I remember that day at the playground, where we sat and talked about the strangest things.

I remember today, when you kissed my hand through your oxygen mask. Of course I'll still be here, no matter what condition you're in.

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