Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Run On

I just had this epiphany and I wanted to write it down really fast before I lost the epiphanical sense and thought it was crap like my over critical virgo self (apparently) and hence I shan't use any punctuation also because someone writes like that and I wanted to see what joy they get out of it actually it seems quite fun my mind is getting dizzy as we speak or as i type whatever man jeez anyway so the epiphany goes like something like erm wait hang on must keep typing and thinking at the same time its kinda hard ok got it so Google asked me if I wanted to change my location to India seeing as I've "changed my location" (yeah for the past six months Google nice catch) so I got this horrible guilty feeling in my heart because I realized that I didn't really want to since Google the normal home page felt cooler than the Indian home page then I thought was I being disloyal to my country and bending to Western stereotypes about how the West is much cooler and the Indian one is kinda just sub standard was that the person I was becoming after all my trying to be a non stereotypical NRI type person guess the truth will out huh so Google has asked me this twice already and each time I got this weird twinge of guilt so I'd just hit ignore but then that's me being me again avoiding my problems so this time I decided to face up to what I wanted HELL IF I WANTED THE REGULAR GOOGLE I'D HAVE IT FOR JIMINY'S SAKE so I declined to request to use Google India and although I did have a twinge of guilt in the end atleast I was being true to myself and that's what counts the end.



My brain literally hurts. I don't know how people live without punctuation.

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