Monday, February 7, 2011

Renaissance. But not really.

So...I'm sitting here. In the nearly empty computer lab at college (nearly empty except for this very dashing junior who should keep his mouth shut so that he doesn't lose the rugged charm of his good looks). I'm pondering over the very curious event of my seating location. Why am I not attending my lecture, you implore? (Yes, implore.)

Well, I got kicked out for not wearing flat black close toed shoes.

But fascism ended a long time ago, you shout!

Think again, I declare.

The whole scenario today was rather reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The administration - the SS officers. The students - the Jewish population. There are strong parallels. Just as the Jews shed their religious clothing and shaved their beards, so too did we burn our non collared shirts, our Osho chappals, and hide our tattoos, piercings and highlights. Anne Frank hid in an attic. The students crammed into the bathrooms, or into the sanctuary of the Design floors. In the concentration camps, the prisoners could see the hopes that lay in lands far away. We students of this college can only look down to the four floors of the Institute of Design, sighing in envy as they prance around in chappals, tank tops and *gasp* shorts!

Alas this drudgery. The unfairness of it all. Still we find joy. Even victims of concentration camps found certain moments of joy in their lives. We laugh at the ineptitude of some of the staff. We laugh, still incredulous, that we're not allowed to attend lectures because our sleeves were rolled up. We ROFL when a friend gets a warning letter - one of the severest punishments - for chewing gum in class. Sure, in the beginning it was all a bit intimidating.

Now, it's just an average event in an average day in an otherwise uneventful existence.

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