Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I Want for My Birthday

1) Casablanca. Heard too much about it without ever watching it. This has got to stop.
2) Indian Economics by Datt. Yeah you heard right. Don't try reading that again. Might as well ask for something useful.
3) Posters. Because my room looks like a refugee camp sometimes.
4) Scented candles. See above. And cuz, you know, I'm a chick :P
5) To attain enlightenment.
6) World peace. Why not?
7) Guess who? :)
8) Blueberry cheesecake. Wait a second, this should be first! There are few things in the world more mind bogglingly delicious than blueberry cheesecake.
9) To know if reincarnation really exists, and if so, what kind of a life I had, who from my present featured before, etc etc. Kinda weird but I've been readjusting my belief system recently.
10) To do something nice for someone. Not that I'm saying that birthdays are the only time of the year people should be giving in nature...there's Christmas too.
11) Pens. I don't KNOW where they all disappear! I really don't!
12) I want to laugh. Like a lot. Things haven't been such sunshine for some unexplainable reason.
13) For people to not be shallow and obsessed with outer appearances. Because really, there's more important things to worry about. Like global warming. And world hunger. Which reminds me...
14) An end to world hunger. If anybody out there is listening. And because global warming is too much of a headache.
15) My family, my home. After spending three weeks of "quality time" last summer, I never thought I'd be saying that but hey, if pigs can fly (read: swine flu) then other miracles can happen too.
16) A great time. Whatever (or whoever) that entails.
17) Pens. Yeah, that's how desperately I need them.
18) I don't know really. Because usually people don't really know what they want. Maybe I don't want all these things. Except for world peace (so please vote for me when I run for president! Oh, wait, you can't, thanks to the weird secret way of deciding who President is in this country. Pseudo democratism)
19) Peace of mind.

Nineteen things. For the nineteenth year.
Genius, no?

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