Monday, May 24, 2010

Caution: Random Shit Ahead. Tread Carefully

Be gentle, young paduan. For the waters that take you along with them are swift, unwavering, unswerving, and harsh. They will shape you. They will shape you to be cruel and unrelenting as they are. They will storm around you, beat you, break you down. But you must not let them break your spirit. For it is your spirit that guides the heavens. Your spirit that will, one day, cause a break in the clouds, and let the mellow sunlight filter through to light the world again. The waters shall curse you for breaking their rule. They will try to drown you with their strong currents.

I almost didn't wanna post this. What might people think? But then, this is my blog.
And I couldn't possibly deprive the world of such a gem of a rambling.
So I thought, let's post! Let's post like no one's ever posted before! Let's....

Erm. Never mind.

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