Sunday, May 30, 2010


She looked out of the window of her majestic emerald green palace, sipping a goblet filled with the kingdom drink, Yakult, while she pondered over the fate of Steven Taylor’s infamous locks. The ones on his head, that is. Cursing in Japanese as her Yakult gave up its last few drops, she turned on her heel and walked, painfully slowly, swinging her arms erratically as she went. Lost in her own world, she started humming the words to some unheard of band called Air-o-Smeeth, dancing her signature dance with lots of slow motion head banging and arms moving in some strange circular motion. She went along this way, that is, until she turned the corner and bumped into a tour guide, along with twenty other people who’d come to visit the palace ground. Frozen in mid-action for a second, she blinked twice, mumbled something incoherent, and ran off.

Thirsty from her escapade, she went in search of more Yakult. The servants, not daring to meet her eyes, announced that the kitchens had run out of stock, but they could offer her some sushi if she so desired. Harrumphing at their incompetence, she returned to her room. Turning the lock, she opened her cupboard and, out of a secret compartment, took out another box of Yakult which she kept for emergencies. And if anything, this evening definitely required the drink.

For someone was coming. Someone special. Someone who’d enchanted her with his first sadistic smile. With his first maniacal laugh. With his long, lanky, sallow and pale figure. Those seemingly heartless eyes had caught her heart. And she alone knew that he was misunderstood. All he was looking for was a compassionate soul. Who would understand his true genius, his love for the audio-visual art. He was looking for her. He just didn’t realize.

Neither did his betrothed.

Sighing melodramatically, she plonked down on her bed. She picked up a book , but threw it away in frustration as the anxiety wouldn’t let her concentrate. Stomach in knots already, she tries meditation. Realizing the futility of it in about five seconds, she gets up and yells in release, calling for the savage hound that roams the grounds, Oregano. The huge beast leaped towards her, growling, knocking her off her feet, yet she seemed unperturbed by his ferocious behaviour. “Aww, aren’t you adorable?” she cooed.

To the normal eye, the answer would be no. Quite the opposite.

Her sibling strolled in, holding the latest version of castle security and ninja training software. Puzzled for a second by her sprawled position on the floor, the giant hound bounding at her feet, he dismissed this event as another normal. Reminding her of the official meet in five minutes, he walked out.

She picked herself up, starting to get ready in a frenzy. How she hated these formal dressed up meetings. Yet she remembered, he would be here.

Walking the fastest she could, which could still be called a slow ambling by most people, she reached the banquet hall where all the guests were mingling. Grabbing a glass of Smeernov, she sipped quietly in the corner, searching for her most awaited. She felt claustrophobic with so many smiling, chirpy people around. How she wanted to just grab a goblet of coffee and sit in the palace library.

But ah, there he was! Standing, signaturely, with one hand in his pocket, and another in some weirdly dramatic position placed on his face, he was like a myth. Too good to be true.

She sighed, blissful in simple observation when suddenly, she caught his eye! He was coming towards her! What was this! Hyperventilating yet supremely excited, she walked extended her hand towards him. But then, there was a loud ringing! What was happening?

Her eyes opened! She opened her phone, and checked the time. Groaning at the lateness of it all, and the unfortunate timing, she yelled across the room. “We’re lateeee!!!” The sound of a muffled “Five more minutes” came from across the room.

She got up in a panic. “Wake up, wake up!” As she started getting ready for another usual day, she remembered her dream. Then she realized.

First lecture.


This would be interesting.

This one goes out to you. We began as strangers and now we’re…well we're pretty much family. Happy birthday.


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