Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Whole New World

The most annoying habit of mine is my innate instinct to procrastinate. It's been a part of my life, and realistically, it hasn't been THAT much of a problem (for most of the time). But n0w after about eight weeks of considering it, I've finally started my very own blog! Funny things, blogs, feeding our need to express ourselves and attract attention, but more on that later.
So, it's almost one at night and there's a huge ass assignment due tomorrow. And here I am, not doing it. What's the point anyway, when, after having started life at uni, I've suddenly lost focus on my life goals (everyone has them...right?). I wanted to be a journalist first (well, actually I wanted to be a photographer way back when I was five, but look how that turned out (ie not well)) and help people in some way, but it seems like a journalist's life is bogged down by deadlines and stories and leads and beats and the like. Where's the human angle?! Since when has society turned into a money making maching? Honestly, the world needs more idealists. And more food apparently.
College life is interesting in new ways. Like, for example, who knew Gay Chicken was a game? (One of the most entertaining to watch, really.) And that the world is filled with people with amazing talents. And that it would be so hard to find your way among them. And that meeting your new friends along the way would make you get up out of bed even at an indecent hour like 7:30 in the morning. Speaking of which...actually I'd rather not. The thought of waking up is too painful. As is the effort it's taking me to keep my eyes open right now. So, adieu to which ever poor/kind soul is reading this!

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